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Lahore Grill - Authentic Pakistani cuisine.



Referred to as the food capital of Pakistan, the cuisine of Lahore – characterized by its seasoning and spices – is a unique blend of the many different regional cooking traditions of the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia as well as elements from its Mughal legacy.
It offers an explosion of flavours and is loved and adored by all those who eat it.
Indian Chicken Curry

Here at Lahore Grill, our goal is to bring that flavour to you. We pride ourselves in offering the finest of Lahori cuisine – ranging from grills, kebabs, curries, and fresh tandoori naan – all made on order. We further aim to satisfy your craving for authentic Lahori food by offering an array of traditional Pakistani appetisers and desserts.

Specialising in the delicacies of our tandoori and karahi dishes, we are proud to host an extensive menu that guarantees to cater to every tastebud. Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat-lover or have a preference for fish, we promise to deliver mouth-watering food to all of our customers.

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